Back to School

One thing I’m pretty confident about is that I don’t know much about the bridge from idea to action.
Every personality test I’ve ever taken leaves me lofty and idealistic, never on the side of the task masters.

I like being that kind of leader, though, in my career. I do *do*, of course. It’s a bit cheap to say you’re an idea person NOT an action person… we’re all action people, we have to be. I just have more big ideas than I do big motivation to reorganize my cd collection or my spice rack.

But for this project, the public spectacle of trying to get it right is a nice motivator, for sure.
(Which brings me to another post I’ll have to generate about how often I’m only externally motivated.)

So, we’re studying. A lot. My latest subject was trademarks and copyrights. Creative Bravado may be a placeholder, I don’t know, but I like it and if we stick with this framework and name, I don’t want anyone else using it. The same is true for this blog. What if the wisdom and lessons learned we share here look so good to someone else, they quote them as their own? So, my recent homework has been to apply my own journalism and mass media knowledge on the subject to this new endeavor.

Tricia tweeted about this the other day (Follow her @LadyTerror) and called this blog an incubator.

I love that term as it relates to research and think tanks, of course. But my first thought was something akin to a comic book or sci fi movie.
We will incubate here and all emerge as giant human flies. Or we’ll incubate here and somehow pop out with wings.

I think we three already have wings. We’re already more than human. Maybe a challenge for us all would be to write what we do in a given week: the arguments, the efforts, the housework, the work work, the ideas, the projects, the meetings, the dates… One week from each of us and you’d believe superhuman for sure.

What we’re incubating is YOU.
We’re cooking up this project to best serve a set of clients who are lacking what we have. I may be externally motivated, but I am personally inspired.
I inspire myself all the time. So does Tricia, so does A-E. We want to teach you how to do that.
And how to make it pay off in all the things you do, every week.

Keep watching us. Use our idea but don’t take it–I’ve got it copyrighted. 🙂



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